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--New Music Monthly - November 2000
MM:"Holy Wood is kind of a parable of an innocent that was up in a world that doesn't accept him. He wants to be part of the grass that's on the other side of the fence with the bigger, more beautiful things that he doesn't feel a part of. And when he becomes a part of that finally he finds out that the greener grass on the other side is the same grass that's been treating him like a weed. But Adam's revolution does not overthrow this world like he thinks it will. His idea becomes another product and they take him and turn him into something he wasn't."

--Metal Edge - October 2000
MM:"In my book - which in my best guess will probably be out in the beginning of next year - the story is explored very detailed and very graphically, even more so than I would have been able to in a movie, so it turns out that I was much happier making it into a book and an album than a film."

--Metal Hammer - August 2000
MM:"I think when people read this book, they'll see how the songs ended up tying together, because the story is something I really had with me almost seven or eight years ago. And I've been kind of placing it out as I see fit, in a way I think America could handle at what times."

--RadioActive Interview - June 21, 2000
MM:"When the people see the book that is going to be released after the album, they will go back to Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals and will realize the relation of the lyrics and the story of the 3 albums."

--Kerrang - August 2000
MM:"I took what the Holy Wood screenplay was and made some changes to shape it into a book. It's fiction and it will be out after the album. The type of writers that I model myself on, or am inspired by by, would be William Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K Dick. Those people are what I aim to be, but we'll have to wait and see what the book reviewers say. I'm quite happy with it. I think it's very detailed and it takes you to a lot of places. I find it strange that you can understand more about someone from their fiction writing - I think people will learn more about me from this book than in my autobiography. You can be as honest as you want when you're lying."

--Dotmusic - October 2000
MM:"The book was something that started coming into a real form during the three months of writing the lyrics."

--Official Website Webcast - Part 1 - September 17, 2000
MM:"The story that ties the two records together is told in greater detail with specific characters, and the metaphors are made into more dramatic events in my novel "Holy Wood" that's going to be out at the beginning of the year. And I wanted the record to exist on its own, and when you read the book it takes on a new life, but they're not tied down to each other in a very similar self-indlugent way."

--USA Today - November 2000
MM:"The story is very traditional, very symbolic and inspired strangely enough, by the Bible. I look at Christ as a revolutionary and the first celebrity, someone who had dangerous ideas, was ultimately sacrificed and became merchandised into a necklace or something to hang on the wall."

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